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Lighting solutions with the client's interests in mind

Welcome to Perth Lighting Consultants, a professional lighting and electrical consultancy based in Perth with Mies registration at the Illuminating Engineering Society Australia / New Zealand, Reg Nr 2367.

Covering most Industry Sectors our lighting design and project management service includes full lighting layouts generated in AGI32 design software. These designs are completed to relevant AS/NZS standards. Designs of this nature will provide the client with comprehensive lighting solutions, complete with luminaire part numbers, which they can deploy or issue for tender.

Clients include WA State Government Agencies, Local Government Authorities, Heavy Industrial, Mining, Commercial and Retail.

PLC only uses accredited products from reputable Australian manufacturers with membership to the Lighting Council of Australia.

Modelling and Calculations

We supply detailed lighting models and calculations that provide realistic representations of the project. By evaluating this modeling, our lighting designers are able to provide project teams with solid, realistic recommendations and solutions. This level of evaluation helps our teams be close collaborators and to lead the lighting design on the project. 

Energy Efficiency

We believe that energy efficient lighting designs can be beautiful, comfortable and inspiring. This belief leads us to be partners in designing high performance lighting systems that meet ambitious energy goals while meeting user needs and wants. We take full responsibility for the efficiency and end result of the design installation.

Construction Support Services

Our designers can be on site during construction as part of the project management service to ensure lighting systems are installed as designed and documented. This level of service includes a pre-installation review in client lighting system operation education. In addition, our team responds promptly and thoroughly to provides detailed shop and light fixture submittal reviews. 

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety comes at a high priority along with practical lighting design with the client’s target to minimise potential harm in the workplace, and at the same time give proper consideration to the environmental aspects of the lighting specification.

We provide concepts, modify architectural rendered impressions to simulate completed projects, and simulate environments through computer modelling.  Computer modelling includes calculation of lighting level as well as computer generated 3-D colour rendered images.  Our computer simulations can be for electric light, sunlight, daylight and the combination of solar and electric light.

Design of sustainable and practical lighting for mining areas, processing plants and onshore facilities requires thorough understanding of the Australian Standards for Lighting requirements and Environmental conditions.

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